Moomal Arts

Moomal Arts the name derives from India’s history and Rajasthan’s heritage, it means ‘ Beautiful ‘. This gives our firms name a meaning ‘ Beautiful Arts’ . We make our every art piece beautiful, which makes that piece an attraction point.

Moomal Arts welcomes you to the world of stone designing, Decorative and Stone architecture. We believe in the power of nature, we always try to bring out best from the natures gift. Creation has no
limit and can be explored and developed beyond the limit each time; every time.

We have associates and sources at various locations to procure each and almost all type of natural stone. We have a team of artisans’ and experts from both fields, all type of stone handicraft experts and from technology to make best and to fulfil all type of our client’s need in exterior and interior decorative. Our work is a combination of both human and machinery power. We use visual expertise, hand expertise, special developed machines and computer numerical controlled machinery to achieve desired accuracy in various type of work.

Our expertise involves Assembling, Carving, Chiselling, Combining, Cutting, designing manually, designing with software, Engraving, Inlay, Moulding, Pasting, Polishing, Sculpting, Selecting, Splitting and Turning are among them. Our knowledge of stones also helps us to trade and deal in all type of stones from India. We deal and work in Agate, Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Sandstone, Semiprecious Stones, Slate and Travertine.
With the art knowledge and demands of client, we also explored various other medium for the decorative, like FRP (Fibre Resin Polymer), Metal and Wood for various decorative creations