Men at Work - Carving

Carving is a delicate art. It brings out desired beauty from the plain surface, a real master piece comes out of carving. Skillful hands of our artisans create and brings out the view of Clint’s desire. Our artisan is real creator of every piece coming out of our factory.

In the video a skillful hands of artisan is carving out ‘Kadamb leaves’ from white Marble

Machine at Work - Cutting

Cutting is an activity of preparation of stone for any art form. this is done with various machines depend on job to be done. a proper cutting leads to best proper starting of activity. its is a first phase of execution of planning.

Video here shows the preparation of a block of granite for a big artifact to be carved out from it.

Men at Work - Lathe turning process

Lathe work is combination of machine and human art. carving out shape on lathe machine requires lot of knowledge and precision. We make lot of products from this process.

Video shows process of conversion of Sataturio marble into beautiful basin.