We have done lot of projects at various locations of India and for Export purpose also. Showing all of them is not possible. We have shown few of them trying to cover various type of decorative and activities we do.

Dry Cladding - Building Facade

This is a Dry Cladding of carving and plain stone on the building’s front and sides. View development, setting combinations of carving and molding, assembling on site and dry cladding fitting are done by our team.

Various type of moldings and carvings are used to enhance the beauty of building’s outer facade. Dry cladding method is used for fixing of all stones.

This project is on-going. Final pictures will be uploaded soon.

Inlay on Site - Surat, India

Various type of Inlay are done on residential site, which includes MOP work, Semi-precious inlay in Temple and Metal inlay on various surface.

In the images dining table is shown. Brass inlay is done on it and the edge are also embedded with the brass.

We do all type of inlay work. All supplied-as-order and on-site also.

Planters - Australia

3 types of planters were made in quantity for a hotel landscape project from Australia. We made for an exporter of Indian origin. We can make all customise planter in all type of Indian Stones.

Leaf shape and its vein were the theme of all the planters. All were made from Indian White Marble.

In the Video making of one of them is shown.

God Buddha - India

God Buddha face, sitting God Buddha and meditating God Buddha were made from sandstone in multiple pieces. The process of Buddha face of 6 feet height is shown in video were supplied to mentioned two locations.

A farm house villa project in Navsari, Gujarat. (2 Pieces) and same God Buddha face for Khandala, Maharashtra. (3 Pieces).

Made from single piece sandstone.

Fountain and Lamps - Export

Indian White Marble Fountain of 7 ft height with outer wall stones covering area of 12 ft by 12 ft and a quantity of various lamps in sandstone. These all were made for one of the exporter of Indian origin. Lamps were in various sizes and multiple pieces.

Process of fountain making is shown in the video.